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Terms of Purchase

All puppies are $2400+ tax.

 A $400 deposit will hold your spot on the wait-list. Your deposit will be transferable to any litter and refundable after 12 months –if desired puppy is not matched. Let us know what is most important to you and we will do our very best to accommodate you.  

Once you are placed on the wait-list, to the litter of your choosing, we will update photos on the website weekly.  At 5 weeks , we will invite y'all out to the farm for Puppy Pick Day. Where you will meet and fall in love with your puppy. This is our favorite time on the farm, we love being able to witness puppies picking out their new family.  We will invite each family out on Puppy Pick Day based on the order of the wait-list. At this time the remainder of the cost of the puppy will be due and we will schedule a time for pick up when the puppy is 8 weeks old.  All puppies go home with a starter kit that includes: scent blanket from momma, leash, collar, training video, basic puppy training, food,  3 year health guarantee, and up-to-date on all vaccinations and wormer (Neopar, Kennel cough, 5way). 

If a litter has available puppies that are not reserved on the wait-list, the puppies will be listed as available puppies on the website.  After 5 weeks and Puppy Pick Day we will know which puppies have not been chosen and remain available. We will mark the photos reserved or available.

We will have the most success if you have idea of the breed, color, and size of puppy you are looking for.