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Our Adults


  • Lonestar Rusty

    Lonestar Rusty

    Medium Multigenerational Labradoodle

    DOB: 2016-06-28

    Weight: 30 lbs

  • Guinness


    He's a handsome, smart, little love. He loves to be petted, loves the water, hiking, and long walks.

    DOB: 04/03/2016

    Weight: 22 lbs

  • Bentley


    Bentley is a bundle of love! He is 20 lbs and full of personality! He is a Red Multigen Labradoodle.

    DOB: 05/02/2016

    Weight: 20 lbs

  • Harry


    Harry has the most stunning coat! He's a chocolate merle and he makes the most gorgeous pups! 

    DOB: 08/24/2017

    Weight: 27 lbs

  • Reese


    Reese is a mini poodle. He has never met someone that wasn't his friend. He is a lover and is a friend to all. Most poodles can be shy but not Reese. We love him for his friendly demeanor and his beautiful tuxedo coat. 

    DOB: 1/19/2018

    Weight: 16 lbs


  • Oreo


    Oreo is our first Double Doodle litter. She has the most luxurious coats and the perfect temperament. So very excited to see how adorable these puppies will be!

    DOB: 2016-04-27

    Weight: 35 lbs

  • Charmed


    Charmed is the perfect name for this momma. She charmed us with her unique chocolate merle coloring. Her guardian family says her favorite person is their 1 year old son.

    DOB: 12/28/2016

    Weight: 40 lbs

  • Hershey


    Hershey loves everyone. She loves to play and she keeps her Guardian family entertained. She is loyal and intuitive and most of all Fun! Fun! Fun!

    DOB: 07/30/2015

    Weight: 22 lbs

  • Dixie


    We think Dixie is the most perfect dog. She has such a sweet personality and is just beautiful. She is so fluffy and soft, like a stuffed teddy bear. The entire family loves her to death.

    DOB: 06/15/2017

    Weight: 55 lbs

    Genetic Report

  • Lucky


    Lucky is so silly and fun. She loves to make us laugh. When she plays it looks like she is on springs. She is such a joy and a giant lap dog.

    DOB: 06/15/2017

    Weight: 55 lbs

    Genetic Report

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    Birdie is as unique as they come. She is a chocolate merle Double Doodle! Double Doodles are a cross between a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle. Chocolate Merle is our most popular coloring. She is a mix of all of our favorites! Double Doodles are known as the ultimate Doodle, for their mix and charming characteristics from both Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. They have luxurious fleecey coats and the family friendly, loyal, temperaments which is why everyone is wanting a Double Doodle. 

    DOB: 01/19/2018

    Weight: 35 lbs

  • Lulu


    Lulu is our gorgeous momma out of 2 of our favorites, Cajun Jewel and Griffin. She got an amazing coat from her parents and an even better temperament. 

    DOB: 01/19/2018

    Weight: 45 lbs

  • Mazie


    Mazie is a mini and she makes mini and micros for us! She has a dark red coat and is only 17 lbs. She's friendly and loveable, such a sweet and nurturing momma. 

    DOB: 07/19/2018

    Weight: 17 lbs

  • Sabine


    Sabine is our smallest f1 sheepadoodle. Her mom is a Old English Sheep Dog and her dad, a poodle. She is a 1st generation Sheepadoodle and we breed Sabine with moyen and mini poodles to get mini f1b Sheepadoodles. Sabine lives with a lively family with many children and she loves being part of the herd. She's playful and fun! 

    DOB: 07/12/2017

    Weight: 42 lbs

  • Bluebell


    Bluebell got her name from looking like Bluebell ice cream with swirls of multiple colors she's as sweet as ice cream too! She's as cute as a button and about the size of one too! She's tiny and soft and just perfect for snuggling up with. She's a most popular size and coloring and has the personality as well. 

    DOB: 12/15/2018

    Weight: 19 lbs