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Our Adults

Our Adults


  • Harry


    Harry is a seasoned stud. He is a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. He is a mini and weighs in about 22 lbs. Harry has the most stunning coat! He's a chocolate merle and is a showy guy with one striking blue eye. He is full of life and loves to be the center of the attention. 

    DOB: 08/24/2017

    Weight: 27 lbs

  • Lincoln


    Lincoln is a mini Goldendoodle, he is 20 lbs and a beautiful red color. He has a wavy coat and is as sweet as can be! We love using Lincoln for our mini Double Doodles. 

    DOB: 01/20/2018

    Weight: 20 lbs

  • Sheriff


    Sheriff is a mini F1 Sheepadoodle. He has classic sheep dog markings and sheep dog personality. Sheep Dogs are known for their silly and carefree temperaments, and Sheriff really lives up to it.  When Sheriff isn't strutting his stuff he is working as a therapy dog  in training for Paws for Service. We are so proud of him and his success using all his God Given Gifts to help out in the community.

    DOB: 05/05/0202

    Weight: 42 lbs

  • Buc-ee


    Buc-ee is  a medium Australian Labradoodle.  He is all the things you hope for in a doodle. Loving, loyal, friendly and smart. He is a lovely red color and throws partis and abstracts for our puppies. We love his big soulful eyes and soft fleecy coat. 

    DOB: 10/01/2019

    Weight: 30 lbs

  • Brooks


    Brooks is mini f1b Sheepadoodle. He has classic Sheep dog markings that make him stand out above the rest. Weighing in at 40 lbs he is the prime size for mini sheepadoodles--not too big and not too small. He is ready for anything and just wants to be included in all the family fun. 

    DOB: 11/17/2020

    Weight: 40 lbs

  • Waco


    Waco is a mini F1b Sheepadoodle and has produced some stunning minis for us. He is so fun and carefree we just love his bouncy strut and happy personality. He loves to climb up on objects to get a better look and keeps us laughing. He may be small but he is too much fun!

    DOB: 01/12/2021

    Weight: 30 lbs

  • Chip


    Chip is named after our favorite Waco Couple. Chip is a pretty phantom and he is the perfect stud. He passed his genetic testing with flying colors. We just love that he is such a superior stud for our breeding program. He's so tiny and perfect.

    DOB: 09/01/2019

    Weight: 15 lbs


  • Lonestar


    Lonestar is a micro Australian Labradoodle, we currently only have 2 micro mommas. Australian Labradoodles are known for having cocker spaniel infused within their lines. Lonestar has cocker spaniel characteristics which gives her the cutest eyes and ears. She has a very luxurious and thick coat with the yummiest chocolate color. Lonestar isn't just looks, she's so well behaved and loves to pose from pictures. 

    DOB: 09/09/2019

    Weight: 16 lbs

  • Shelby


    Shelby is a reverse f1b sheepadoodle, she is 75 Old English Sheep Dog and 25 %  standard Poodle. Reverse F1b sheepadoodles are great for those who like the funny, goofy, and clown-like personality of the Sheep Dog. We love Shelby's straight shaggy coat, and that she has faded gray like many Sheep Dogs do.  Shelby is full of all the characteristics that make Sheepadoodles popular. 

    DOB: 04/01/1521

    Weight: 60 lbs

  • Rio


    Rio is a medium Double Doodle. Double Doodles are Labradoodle and Goldendoodle cross. They are referred to as the "ultimate doodle" because they have all the best of both breeds. Rio lives up to the title of "ultimate doodle." Her coats is fleecey soft, wavy and gorgeous. Her temperament is perfection and so happy and excited. She's great with kids and other dogs. 

    DOB: 07/01/2020

    Weight: 33 lbs

  • Blue Bonnet

    Blue Bonnet

    Bonnie is our Old English Sheep Dog (OES). She is a Standard size and when bred with a poodle gives us F1 Sheepadoodles. She's the perfect markings OES are known for and gives us big litters of 13 !  She loves to run and herd our donkeys, chase with the other dogs around our farm . She stares lovingly into our eyes and she get pretty much whatever she wants. 

    DOB: 07/16/2019

    Weight: 61 lbs

  • Fergie


    Fergie is as gorgeous as they come. She is a mix between a labradoodle and a goldendoodle. She is a Double Doodle, which is often called the ultimate doodle--for their superior coats and temperaments. We love Fergies blu merle coat, and her extreme love for her owner. She is a medium and we can't wait to see what lovely puppies she will produce. 

    DOB: 04/01/2019

    Weight: 40 lbs

  • Sweet Tea

    Sweet Tea

    Sweet Tea is our smallest sheepadoodle momma. She is 25 lbs, has a wavy coat and the perfect coloring. Breeding Sheepadoodles down in size sometimes means losing the Old English Sheep Dog traits we all love. Luckily for us, Sweet Tea still has a strong genetic Sheep dog panel and we absolutely love that about her. She's a great mix of size and clown like fun. 

    DOB: 05/21/2022

    Weight: 25 lbs

  • Magnolia


    Magnolia is full of southern charm. She's the belle of the ball and really stands out with her lovely parti markings and curly fluff. She has a curly coat which is nice for those who have allergies/asthma. Her puppies will be mini around 20 lbs full grown and we love that she can give us chocolates and reds. 

    DOB: 08/08/2019

    Weight: 18 lbs