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Double Doodles - San Antonio Breeder

The Double Doodle also known as the Ultimate Doodle, is a cross between a Labradoodle  (Lab +Poodle) and a Goldendoodle(Golden Retriever + Poodle). Hybrid vigor typically makes a doodle healthier than its original purebred counterpart .When breeding Hybrid breeds, the goal is to gain the positive characteristics from each individual breed. In the case of a Double Doodle, the goal was the energy and work ethic from the Lab; personality and warm character from the Golden Retriever; with the Poodle providing their non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat. All together the results are phenomenal!

Double Doodles have:

  • Superior Temperaments
  • Superior Coats
  • Large variety of colors and sizes

Double Doodles Litters For Sale

Birdie Dual Sire

Birdie Dual Sire

Breed: Double Doodles

Availability: Available For Purchase

Litter Expected: 06/04/19

Price: $2,400.00

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Double Doodle puppies! This is Birdies first litter and she will be having medium(20-30lbs) and standard(40-50lbs)Double Doodles. This is a Dual sire litter, meaning 2 males bred with Birdie to give us a wider range in puppy sizes. Puppies will be have parentage testing done to determine their adult size and sire.

Puppies going home late July and ready for summer fun!

Double Doodles Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Double Doodles for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Double Doodles become available.