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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact Texan Doodles?

Text and email are our preferred method of contact and lets us keep track of our many conversations. While we wish we had the time to speak to everyone ‘in the moment’, our job is 24 hours a day 7 days a week caring for our dogs and litters, while caring for our family and farm too. Unfortunately we aren’t able to be on the phone all day while providing the level of care, attention, and socialization, that we strive to uphold for our animals. We understand this is a big commitment and want everyone to be as comfortable as possible with our process. We have created a testimonials page and have social media channels that reflect how we run things for everyone interested to check out, and can call you back to discuss anything you have questions about also, when we can step away from family, farm, and the puppy life for a moment:)
Email: info@texandoodles.com Text/Call: (210) 548-2136

Do you have any puppies available?

Many of our puppies are reserved many months in advance by families who have placed a deposit and are on our waitlist. On the occasion we do have puppies available they can be viewed here Puppies for Sale, or going to the ‘Available Litters’.

How much are your labradoodle, double doodle and sheepadoodle puppies?

Our adorable puppies are $3000 for standard and medium sizes, and $3500 for mini and micro sizes plus sales tax.

How do I place a deposit, how much is it, and is it refundable?

A $500 deposit will hold your spot on the waitlist. Your deposit will be transferable to any litter of your choosing – if there isn’t the perfect puppy for you on your current litter we are happy to transfer.  Let us know what is most important to you and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

How does the waitlist for puppies work?

Once you pay your deposit you are added to the waitlist. When your litter is born you will be updated with weekly photos. At 8 weeks you will be invited to the farm for Puppy Pick Out  and Go Home Day.

What is the difference between a Sheepadoodle, Labradoodle, and Double Doodle?

The Sheepadoodle Breed, Labradoodle Breed and Double Doodle Breed are very different dogs. For full details on our breeds go to our doodle breeds tab.

What do the puppy generations in breeding mean? (F1b, Multigen etc.)

We currently only breed with F1 and F1B Sheepadoodles, and Mulit-Gen Doodles. Coat type will vary no matter what generation and breed of Doodle you choose. Typically, F1 pairings and F1b pairings typically produce wavy & curly coats, although F1’s tend to be less curly. Multi-Gen pairings can produce straight, wavy, or curly coats.

  • An F1 Doodle puppy is a 1st Generation Doodle. Example: An F1 purebred Old English Sheepdog x a purebred Poodle would make an F1 Sheepadoodle. *50/50 cross*
  • An F1B Doodle puppy is a result of an F1 Doodle parent and a purebred Poodle. Example: An F1 Sheepadoodle x a purebred Poodle would make an F1B Sheepadoodle. *75/25 cross*
  • A Multi-Gen Doodle puppy is the result of an F1b or higher generation parent and an F1b or higher gen parent. Example: An F2b Labradoodle x an F1b Labradoodle would make a Multi-Gen Labradoodle. *cross percentage dependent on generations*

How big will the doodle puppy get?

Sizes vary depending on parents, and can be estimated when the parents are known.

Are your doodles hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog is 100% "hypoallergenic" as some people can be allergic to things other than fur, like a dog's saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties and are considered hypoallergenic( hypo meaning lower,not void of), making them suitable for individuals who suffer from mild to moderate pet allergies. If you or someone in your home has severe allergies we recommend additional testing before deciding to get on our waiting list.

Do you health test your dogs?

All of our parent dogs are health tested. We use Embark and Pawprint genetics.

Do sheepadoodles, labradoodles or double doodles shed?

We have taken great care to create low-to-non-shedding lines with beautiful coats and whilst you may see loose hair strands whilst brushing or combing as you would in a person, they do not shed.

We don’t live nearby - how do we get our puppy?

We do not offer shipping on our puppies, but are close to some major airports. San Antonio airport is 30 minutes away, and Austin is 90 minutes away from our farm. Our puppies can fly home on the plane with you in the cabin on the majority of airlines for a fee.

Do you allow people to come and visit?

All of our puppies are raised and cared for on our family property, and in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for the puppies and our family, we only allow scheduled visits on puppy pick days.

When can I ‘pick’ my puppy?

At 8 weeks, we will invite y'all out to the farm for Puppy Go Home Day. Where you will meet and fall in love with your puppy. This is our favorite time on the farm, we love being able to witness puppies picking out their new family. We will invite each family out on Puppy Go Home Day based on the order of the waitlist. At this time the remainder of the cost of the puppy will be due and puppy will go home with you that day.

How old are puppies when I take them home?

Your puppy will be ready to go home with you when they are 8 weeks old. At this age they will have been fully weaned and received all aged appropriate shots and dewormers needed to go to their forever homes.

Do you offer training for puppies?

We are not currently offering training, but all of our puppies are started on the basic commands while they are with us during those first 8 weeks. We strongly recommend training for your puppy once they are old enough.

What size puppies do you breed?

We breed a range of sizes including: micro, mini, medium to large, depending on breed.

What do you send puppies home with?

All puppies go home with a starter kit that includes: scent blanket from momma, leash, collar, basic puppy training, food, 3 year health guarantee, and up-to-date on all vaccinations and wormer (Neopar, Kennel cough, 5way).

Are dogs registered?

Texan Doodle puppies are registered with the United All Breed Registry and the Designer Breed Registry.

Would they make good therapy dogs?

We are proud to say that some of our Texan Doodle puppies have gone on to become certified therapy dogs.

What forms of payment do you take?

Venmo is preferred, check (if cleared before go home) and cash.

How do I reserve a puppy?

Send us a message at: info@TexanDoodles.com or text us at: (210) 548-2136 and we will call you back to discuss what you are looking for you, and how to reserve one of our puppies.

Do you offer health guarantees?

At Texan Doodles we give a 3-year health guarantee with our puppies.

Where are you located?

We are located in the beautiful countryside, 30 minutes west of San Antonio, Texas.

What are the grooming requirements for these breeds?

All Doodle coat types require regular brushing, focusing in areas that experience friction such as behind the ears, under the collar, the legs, and underneath the limbs -- and don't forget regular grooming appointments. Daily brushing is recommended at first through their first year until you see how their adult coat comes in. This will help them become accustomed to being brushed too for when they visit the groomer.

Which breed would you recommend for young children?

All of our breeds sheepadoodles, labradoodles and double doodles at Texan Doodles have gone to homes with young children. We are happy to discuss specific needs with you at pick up, or prior to. Our puppies are properly exposed to children of various ages that understand how to respect a dog. The puppies receive proper child socialization to give them the best start possible at enjoying, respecting, adoring, and having a good experience with kids. Many of our puppies are in permanent families with children of all ages. A parent’s job is to teach their children and their puppy both how to interact appropriately together. Both need to learn that there's boundaries. Working with positive reinforcement is the perfect way to ensure success in creating a wonderful loving bond.

How are the puppies selected?

We will have the most success if you have an idea of the breed, color, and size of puppy you are looking for, then we can guide you towards which puppy would be the best fit for your family.

What is ‘hybrid vigor’?

This is a phenomenon in animal breeding referring to the fact that the cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier and grows better than either parent line. The puppies take on the best traits of both breeds. The hybrid cross between these two parent breeds make for terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train.

What is the difference between males and female dogs?

Male dogs can tend to be a little larger as adults than females, but temperaments are comparable as many factors are involved, like parent’s characteristics, and which ones carried through to each puppy, environment, and training. If you have an existing dog in your home, generally an all male, or a male and female combo do better together, than two females.

Are your puppies potty trained?

While they are with us they have begun using a doggy door, and going outside on the grass to ‘go potty’. As with children, puppies all learn at different rates and consistency is key, so when they go home with you, you will need to continue to potty train them, according to their needs.

How long have you been breeding?

Our first breeding experience was mentoring with Southern Doodlin’, then we started Texan Doodles in 2017.

Do they come home spayed or neutered?

Your puppy will not go home spayed or neutered, as they will be too young. All puppies are sold under a strict spay/neuter contract.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit will be transferable to any litter and refundable after 12 months, if a desired puppy is not matched. Let us know what is most important to you and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

How can I get pick of the litter?

To receive ‘pick of the litter’ you will need to be at the top of the waitlist for that litter. To receive a spot on the waitlist you will need to place a deposit for that upcoming litter. Contact us to place a deposit and receive a spot on a waitlist.

How do I become a Guardian with Texan Doodles?

Visit our Guardian Program Page

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